How to issue kitchen garden it is beautiful

How to issue kitchen garden it is beautiful

Beds on kitchen garden, what is more important, functionality or esthetics have begun to argue! Potatoes mutter: "Beauty, the main thing – harvest is not important", gentle cucumbers shy object: "If to tie up us on lane, then our bright yellow flowers will compete with ornamental plants". Here coquettish curly parsley has got into dispute and has sensibly judged that accurate planning and beautiful registration of ridges promote high productivity.

Design of kitchen garden

The main function of kitchen garden is to deliver fresh vegetables and greens to table. On the improved site it is also worked with mood, and vegetables are more tasty. To create design of kitchen garden the hands fascinatingly, simply, additional financial expenses for this purpose are not required.

Create effect of terrace of bed of different level – on high ridges boxes (70-80 cm) place sacred and thermophilic plants. At the height of 30-50 cm spicy herbs will perfectly feel, the shadow will do them only good, greens will be juicy and gentle. Below, on the earth put root crops.

Surprising beauty the kitchen garden turns out if it to issue broken in the form of various geometrical figures (triangles, squares, rhombuses, circles) beds. As border for them green and violet salads will serve. Microhotbeds from the inverted pots and buckets or in the form of glass caps will become highlight. The trudging plants – the cucumbers, pumpkins growing in artly issued barrels form cascade of greens, flowers and fruits and give unique charm to the site.

Hand-made articles for kitchen garden

Will add vivacities and brightness in design of kitchen garden of hand-made article from improvised materials made by the hands. It is possible to use old tires, furniture, ware, the remains of merchantable wood. Amusing figures, flowerpots of unusual form, exotic protections will concentrate attention on the most charming corners of the site.

It is a little imagination and on the site fairy tale characters and heroes of animated films from metal and plastic barrels will lodge. The carriage for the princess from pumpkin will organically fit into landscaping. The high knots painted in bright paints can be not only ornament, but also props for the curling haricot. The snag will leave hanger for garden stock. Such utilitarian subject as scarecrow can be turned into the real art object. Plastic bottles are perennial spring for the ideas.

The full-function design kitchen garden is author's creative product, restrictions can be only technical. It is necessary to consider requirements of plants, their mutual likes and dislikes, availability of care for them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team