How to issue malenka the bedroom

How to issue malenka the bedroom

In many standard apartments the bedroom has the small size. If you want to use rationally all square meters and even centimeters of this room, then it is necessary to work slightly, having been engaged in design and registration of the small room.

It is required to you

  • Bedroom furniture, various shelves, mirrors.


1. Choose furniture, proceeding from the modest sizes of the bedroom - the bulky bed will steal the lion's share of meters, and you just will not find large number of pieces of set where to put. If all of you place all numerous dressers, pier glass, padded stools and bedside tables, then will hardly find the place where to put leg! Give preference to furniture without design delicacy and excess parts.

2. Paint walls in light tone or paste over with light wall-paper with small ornament - light always visually increases. Use the top level of the room whenever possible more fully, hang up various shelves and lockers where spread out books and things, then you make room on floor where it is possible to put narrow dresser and dressing table. Instead of volume curtains hang up blinds - you will have place on windowsill which can be used as regiment.

3. Look narrowly at beds in Asian style - they differ in refined simplicity and grace, and very small legs do them just by find for the small bedroom. Perfectly the built-in sliding wardrobes executed in one gamma with finishing of walls approach, in this case you do not need to leave the place to open cabinet door, it is enough of fact that you are located there. For the small bedroom cabinets with mirror doors which visually increase space are ideal.

4. Do not encumber bedroom wall with large number of pictures and other elements of decor, hang up one over bed headboard better. If your cabinet has no mirror doors, then hang up mirror on wall, opposite to interroom door. Refuse large drawings and ornaments on wall-paper, curtains and cover. The abundance of pillows will not improve situation too. Issue the bedroom as much as possible simply, in uniform color gamma.

5. Paint ceiling in snow-white color that ""will a little lift"" it. If you have at the dacha old furniture which is not a pity for sorting, then take out boxes of dresser and use them as sliding under the bed. You should not hang up in the small bedroom canopy over bed - it will visually reduce already small room. And, of course, do not forget about cleaning of the bedroom - the abundance of the scattered things will obviously not add to you mood, and the room of the place!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team