How to lift roof in garage

How to lift roof in garage

Height of standard garages not always corresponds to needs of their owners. Quite often there is need to lift garage roof to certain level to provide free journey to minibuses or the truck.

It is required to you

  • - metal mountings
  • - brick or slag stone
  • - concrete
  • - jack
  • - hoisting crane
  • - concrete poles
  • - metal strip


1. Take jack, raise garage with its help, having provided stability of design. Substitute as support slag stones or concrete poles down.

2. Take the sheet of metal 3 mm thick, cut out from it strips of necessary width and weld on the lower part of garage. Reliability of all design in general in many respects depends on quality of welding seam. Accurately remove support. This way is suitable only for metal garages which are operated short time as in old designs metal is subject to corrosion, and at reconstruction can just collapse.

3. To increase garage height with considerable degree of wear, in turn lift jack garage from each of the parties and put under it the strong basis. Then lower design on the improvised base.

4. It is possible to lift roof of garage and at the expense of the base equipment. In advance prepare concrete poles. Then hoisting crane remove design from that place where it was earlier. Prepare solution of concrete and start construction of the base. To provide additional durability to the basis, it is necessary to put metal mountings on all its perimeter. Flood the base and let's it be stood.

5. Restore metal garage on the base, using concrete poles. Fix design on concrete bed. The garage is ready to espluatation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team