How to make aquarium clean

How to make aquarium clean

All aquariums without exception demand water treatment. The fact is that in it there is formation of dirt, slime and microorganisms over time. Now it is possible to solve this problem quite simply.


1. In the modern industry there is the whole complex of devices which help to solve problems of this sort. Most often people use cleaners which are built in aerators and are mounted on aquarium bottom. Also there are special devices which are engaged in refuse collection from aquarium. If you the beginning aquarian, then remember that the best form of the organization of uninterrupted activity in aquarium is combination of means of water treatment and soil to institution of living beings. These beings are capable to support natural balance in aquarium.

2. Consider, the aquarium requires permanent care. It is necessary to watch it every day, and more than once in week. Naturally, every day it is not necessary to be engaged in water change. Active bacteria which propagate in water and also in soil, are not always excess guests. The most important is creation of natural balance. It has to resemble on that which exists in natural, environment.

3. It is worth to remember that practically all modern biological filters ways to create environment for emergence of bacteria not only in aquarium water. That their localization was made, in bells of the filter a number of products of the companies which make the closed cleaning systems for aquariums carries out work. But even they will not be able to save you from constant change of water and annual boiling of soil. However it gives the chance to enjoy contemplation of inhabitants of aquarium long days.

4. Also you can get normal snails. In the people they are called "suckers". As a result, you can be engaged in purification of glasses much less often. Get somik. They will eat seaweed which are formed on aquarium walls. These small fishes are very hardy. Exterior strikes with the archaic refinement.

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