How to make bed podium

How to make bed podium

If you have decided to equip the bedroom with bed podium, then the most reasonable decision will be to make it own hands. Any saloon bed so will not approach all features of house architecture as created according to the individual drawing.

It is required to you

  • six furniture support about 100-150 mm high;
  • Laminated chipboard (width of 32 mm);
  • the fret saw for tree;
  • drill;
  • self-tapping screws.


1. Great option is to make bed-podium of the old and already bothered bed. Following manufacturing techniques: Sort framework of your old bed, having removed back or legs (depending on model), remove all metal fastening brackets.

2. Decide on the desirable height of bed podium. As a rule, it varies from 15 to 50 cm.

3. Collect anew bed framework, cover it with veneer sheets and fix them by self-tapping screws. Sheathe plywood soft carpet.

4. In need of framework it is possible to build in boxes for linen. Very functional symbiosis of bed and dresser will become result that is very convenient and practical.

5. On framework put mattress.

6. Decorate bed textiles. The integral element of bed podium – set of pillows which introduce east notes and create the atmosphere of cosiness and rest.

7. It is possible to make bed podium and from scratch, having bought the making elements in shop. In this case process of production will be the following: Buy mattress of high quality and six furniture support about 100-150 mm high.

8. Cut out from laminated chipboard (width of 32 mm) rectangle. Calculate sheet sizes, making a start from the sizes of the bought mattress, having added 200 mm to its length and 100 mm to width. Ledges at the edges of mattress are as a result formed.

9. Fasten support to the sheet laminated chipboard. Carry the central support on 200-300 mm from the sheet edge.

10. Cover design with mattress, having fixed it on the sheet laminated chipboard. Think over decorative coat of bed. It is possible to execute it in east style - after all from the East to us and the idea of bed podium has come.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team