How to make legs for sofa

How to make legs for sofa

Today the furniture industry releases so various forms of products what not to find in it objects of the taste is almost unreal. However there is also it that the offered goods do not satisfy with everything to requirements. Then many decide to create, for example, sofa independently. It is possible to make all main work on textbooks and grants. But sometimes there is hitch – it is necessary to make for leg sofa.

It is required to you

  • - bars;
  • - side bars;
  • - sherkheleb.


1. How after all to make knife for the hands sofa? Before starting working, be defined what tools can be necessary for you. If some are absent, buy them or take from acquaintances. In addition, undoubtedly, material, that is bars of which you also will do legs will be required.

2. After you have prepared the field of work, define what style of legs will suit sofa more. Most of masters considers that the legs of sofa which are made narrower from top to bottom look more effectively, than normal. For this purpose process each edge of bar. Accurately to sostrogayta from each edge place upper part of tree, bigger emphasis on the lower part. The tool which will help you with it is called sherkheleb. Except side parts of bar it is necessary to carry out processing and the lower part – it needs to chamfer rasp. The lower part of each leg processed thus will become more smooth. If you want to move the sofa, the tree at the same time will not sustain any damage.

3. Legs to sofa it is possible to fix separately, and it is possible to attach to one rail in pairs, and then the turned-out two rails to fix to sofa. As for length of legs for sofa, it should not be too big, otherwise emergence of distortion of support is possible, the sofa from it becomes unstable. Extreme height – 150 mm.

4. However it is possible also big if at the same time certain security measures are taken. For this purpose legs of sofa have to be connected among themselves. In both cases use so-called side bars. They are also made of tree. Board thickness for side bars has to be 20 mm. Side bars attach to sofa legs not through thorn.

5. Following the above advice, you without special work will be able to make the hands fine legs for sofa, and it will long please you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team