How to make multiple copies cyclamens

How to make multiple copies cyclamens

For reproduction of cyclamen in house conditions, as a rule, resort to division of tuber. The plant can also be grown up from seeds, but it is longer necessary to wait for it blossoming. To receive cyclamen seeds, it is necessary to carry out controlled pollination.

It is required to you

  • - phosphorus-potassium fertilizer;
  • - sugar;
  • - pounded coal;
  • - soil;
  • - pots.


1. For receiving full-fledged seeds of cyclamen it is the best of all to carry out cross-pollination. Seeds of this plant can often be seen on sale, however they are less reliable, than own. The best time of pollination — morning of clear sunny day, during this period ovaries are quicker formed. By means of soft brush take pollen of flower of one plant and transfer it to snout of pestle of another. For reliability the procedure is repeated several times.

2. Recommend to make just before pollination fertilizing by phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. For this purpose use 0.5 g of sulfate potassium and 1 g of superphosphate on 1 l of water. Before crops the seeds fill in with 5% solution of sugar then take only those which have fallen by bottom, emerged are not suitable for reproduction. After collecting the seeds cannot be dried, their viability from it decreases.

3. For preparation of substrate use mix of the sheet earth and peat in equal proportions or mix peat with vermiculite. Substrate is moistened then display seeds of cyclamen on its surface and powder them with thin layer of the earth (0.5-1 cm). Seeds can be covered with opaque film, light is not necessary for their germination.

4. It is necessary to watch soil dampness and also to periodically air tanks with seeds. At the same time it is necessary to maintain temperature of +20 °C if it is higher, germination is slowed down. At temperature below +18 °C the probability of rotting of seeds increases.

5. As a rule, seedlings sprout in 30-40 days, after that remove shadowing, shoots place in well lit place, but without hit of direct sunshine. It will be necessary to lower temperature to +15-17 °C.

6. When seedlings have small klubenk and 2-3 leaflets, them it is necessary to dive in the container with mix of peat, sand and the sheet earth. Klubenki should powder with the earth though at adult cyclamen the top of tuber is not filled up. In week after the sword-play it is possible to feed up plant flower fertilizers, having diluted dose half. In April or May the cyclamens are replaced in separate pots. The cyclamens which are grown up from seeds blossom in 13-15 months after crops.

7. The cyclamen can be made multiple copies division of tuber into parts. The procedure is carried out when the plant is at rest. The bulb is taken out from the earth and dried, then cut on several parts. It is necessary to watch that at each piece there was kidney.

8. Pieces of root process pounded coal then again dry. They are transplanted in different pots. It is necessary to notice that reproduction of cyclamen by means of division of root not always takes place successfully.

9. The cyclamen is also made multiple copies separation of children from maternal tuber in the course of change of plant. Children land in separate pot, having buried them half in soil. In week after emergence of the first leaflets carry out fertilizing by mineral structures.

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