How to make multiple copies to sheffler

How to make multiple copies to sheffler

For such plant as sheffler, the most widespread and effective way of reproduction is reproduction by shanks. But it is possible to receive new plants from seeds or office of escapes with air roots.

It is required to you

  • - shanks sheffler;
  • - seeds sheffler;
  • - transparent plastic tanks;
  • - substrate;
  • - film or plastic bottles;
  • - haydite;
  • - heteroauxin, zircon, epin, kornevin.


1. For rooting it is necessary to choose well developed shanks with the semi-lignified stalk. In water they do not need to be put, land in soil at once, only take before it 12 hours in heteroauxin solution.

2. For landing of shanks it is necessary to prepare carefully pochvosmes. Peat with sand mixes up in proportion one to one. On bottom of capacity in which there will take place rooting it is necessary to fill drainage. Best of all haydite or pieces of beaten brick will be suitable for this purpose. The pot is filled with the prepared mix so that it did not reach edge on three centimeters.

3. The shanks which are taken out from heteroauxin solution wet are dipped by the lower ends in the powder "Kornevin". Then in the soil the stick makes openings, and shanks are put on depth of 4-5 cm. The soil is condensed and pours down small amount of warm water around. For rooting of shanks sheffler it is better to use plastic transparent tanks that it was visible how there takes place process of rooting and as far as backs have braided earth lump.

4. Tanks with landings cover with plastic bags or plastic banks and put to the place with moderate lighting and with the temperature of +22 … 23 °C. The film needs to be lifted regularly, the earth around shanks to humidify and watch formation of backs. When they braid lump and them it will be visible through wall of capacity, plants can be replaced in individual pots.

5. To stimulate formation of air roots on stalk sheffler, it is necessary to make on it accurate cross cut in the spring. This place is wrapped in damp bandage and is closed by film. Bandage needs to be moistened constantly. In one or one and a half months, air roots will begin to grow in this place. Part of stalk with air roots is cut off and landed in separate pot, as for rooting by shanks.

6. At reproduction the sheffler seeds sow them in February in the general superficial container (enough depth of 15 cm). It is previously necessary to wet seeds for two hours in solution of stimulator of epin or zircon. Substrate for seeds is prepared same, as well as for rooting of shanks. Crops water, place under film in the warm place. The small greenery needs to be humidified and aired regularly. When there are sprouts, the film is removed, and sprouts begin to spray. In big capacity it is possible to raspikirovat saplings when on them the second couple of leaves appears.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team