How to make soft back of bed

How to make soft back of bed

To sleep on bed with soft headboard is more comfortable and cozier, you can always lean on back, it is nice on the touch and is in harmony with your interior. Such bed is more expensive, but if you are ready to spend several hours, can make soft back of bed independently.

It is required to you

  • - plywood or chipboard;
  • - foam rubber;
  • - batting or sintepon;
  • - nails;
  • - buttons;
  • - strong threads with kapron or lavsan;
  • - needle;
  • - drill;
  • - fret saw;
  • - furniture stapler.


1. Draw on veneer sheet or chipboard form of future headboard. Height consider from bed surface (if headboard from thin plywood), or from floor (if from heavy material). That the upper part was symmetric, draw contour on the sheet of paper and circle in turn both parties. Cut preparation by the fret saw.

2. If you are going to make relief of soft back by means of buttons or other accessories, mark and drill openings in preparation. You should not do too many such elements, you watch that they were symmetrized.

3. Cut out big round parts from fabric which you will sheathe headboard (diameter is twice more than buttons). On perimeter stitch simple seam, put button in the center and tighten thread. As a result the button will appear in dense sack. Fix it by several additional stitches.

4. Put preparation on the sheet of foam rubber and marker draw contours of soft part. By means of sharp knife cut foam rubber on contour, moving apart parts. If material thin, it is possible to manage scissors.

5. Collect future headboard – plywood and foam rubber, from above stretch batting or sintepon. Bending edges, connect all parts together. From reverse side fix batting by means of the furniture stapler.

6. In the same way trim headboard with dense fabric, it can be gobelin, velveteen or other quality fabric for furniture upholstery. Bend edges, first of all, on bends and record them the stapler. Fix all waves and flat sites, trying to do equal folds.

7. Take strong threads with lavsan or kapron and big needle. Pass thread through openings, having through pierced foam rubber and fabric. Sew buttons, pulling foam rubber, you watch that the tension was identical on all buttons.

8. Cut out from tapestry material part the size slightly more headboard. Apply it from reverse side and turn in edge inside on 1-2 cm so that edges of batting and upholstery fabric have been closed. Record edge the stapler on all perimeter, receding from edge of the bent part on 1 mm.

9. Fix ready headboard on bed or on wall, using special brackets or bolts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team