How to make the Arab make-up

How to make the Arab make-up

look of fine eyes – here that is remembered to everyone at the word East. The Arab or east make-up emphasizes female eyes, probably, because under veil other features are hidden. But even without veil the Arab make-up looks fascinating.

It is required to you

  • - tone for the person;
  • - eye shadow;
  • - eyeliner;
  • - mascara;
  • - lip gloss.


  1. That is why many lovers of the Arab fairy tales and exotic of the East aim to look as east beauties. How it is correct to make the Arab make-up? In east make-up skin has to be faultless shade and opaque, without excessive swarthiness, bronze and golden tones. If skin too light, it is tinted cream of color of elephant skin. Of course, the Arab beauty should have on face of no uniform heat-spot.
  2. Shadows in the Arab make-up use opaque and only 2 contrast colors. Courageous can choose for themselves bright tone, and the modest woman – one bright, and another muffled.
  3. At the same time one leading color of shadows together with eyeliner is caused on eyelids, shrouding eyes, and the second color supplementing is applied above – almost to eyebrows and if desired – on lower eyelid.
  4. Technology of performance of the Arab make-up is as follows: shadows of primary color are applied on eyelids then are looked round eyeliner (the thick line imitating eyeliner antimony). The main line distinguishing the Arab make-up are arrows. They considerably go beyond eye and surely rise up. After aiming of arrows at upper eyelid above the main shadows put shadows of complementary color. It is possible to trace them both lower eyelid, and contour of arrow.
  5. The huge role in creation of image of east beauty is played by eyebrows. They have to be either thin or average, but it is obligatory with accurate contour. Any hair should not break their accurate line.
  6. In spite of the fact that lips in the Arab make-up do not excrete not to distract attention from eyes, they have to have attractive appearance. Therefore it is better to choose lipstick opaque beige and caramel tones or light pink. The natural look, juiciness and softness to lips will be given by the moisturizing lipstick.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team