How to make the switch through passage

How to make the switch through passage

You will be able to appreciate indispensability of switches through passage in case you, for example, have big two-storeyed country house with long corridor. The switch through passage will create to you additional convenience: you will not need to come downstairs from the second floor on the first or to pass long corridor to cut off electricity. Incredibly easy to use, isn't that so? And each house master is capable to make the switch through passage.

It is required to you

  • - lamp;
  • - coupling box;
  • - connecting wires;
  • - switches through passage;
  • - drill with drill;
  • - self-tapping screws.


1. Execute mounting of the lamp: the wire, going to it (zero), has to leave electric power supply and, passing through coupling box, to be connected to the lamp. You remember: the coupling box has to be located on such removal that to it approach was convenient, and the connected wires were the minimum length.

2. Connect the second wire, that is phase, to the general contact of one of switches. After that two switching contacts of the first switch with two switching contacts of the second. Carry out connection only through box. Then from the general contact of the second switch let phase to the second contact of the lamp.

3. Carrying out mounting of switches through passage, pay attention that each switch through passage has three contacts and also on two provisions of switching. One of their contacts the general: it can become isolated with one contact, with another. However under no circumstances three contacts do not become isolated at the same time.

4. After you bring phase wire from the general contact of the second switch to the lamp, install boxes of switches. Then hold testing of the connected system: turn on the lamp by means of, say, switch located in the beginning ladders, and switch off it the switch which is mounted on the second floor.

5. If you carry out connection of the switch through passage from three places, then you need three switches. The third switch through passage added to this scheme differs from two others a little: it coupled. Besides in it the four-core cable is used. Operation principle of such lighting scheme following: when pressing one of switches there is perekidyvaniye of two contacts independent from each other.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team