How to paint crushed stone

How to paint crushed stone

Decorative color crushed stone has appeared in the Russian market not so long ago, but has already won the popularity. Material has found broad application both in landscaping, and at registration of interiors. Color crushed stone is used for dumping of paths, by arrangements of beds and flower beds, fillings of bottom of streams, fountains and aquariums. It is applied in flowerpots and flowerpots. In spite of the fact that coloring of crushed stone demands certain skills and the equipment, if desired it is possible to try to paint crushed stone independently.

  • - crushed stone;
  • - shovel or auto-loader;
  • - "roar" or grid;
  • - bunker for coloring;
  • - paint;
  • - charging bin

1. "Roar" is the special device serving for sorting of various bulks according to particle size. Grokhocheniye allows to separate crushed stone into large and small fractions. Besides, the grokhocheniye will help you to get rid of various garbage which can be present at crushed stone. Load crushed stone on "roar" by means of the auto-loader. If there is no auto-loader, it is possible to manage the tested "antiquated" tool - shovel.

2. If you have no such equipment, then it is possible to use grid with suitable size of cells. Establish grid at an angle and accurately, manually sift crushed stone.

3. For painting crushed stone with sizes of ten and more millimeters is considered the most suitable. Fill up the sorted crushed stone in the painting bunker. As the bunker it is possible to use the concrete mixer.

4. Fill in paint in the bunker. It is considered to be that acrylic dyes most of all are suitable for crushed stone coloring. Paint volume in the bunker has to be 20-30% from crushed stone volume. Start the concrete mixer and let's crushed stone be painted over within 40-60 minutes. In the course of rotation of the painting bunker, paint will evenly cover pieces of crushed stone.

5. Pour crushed stone into charging bin. The charging bin represents metal box with grid. The grid should be established at some distance from box bottom. The size of cells of grid has to be less than 10 millimeters. This device will allow you to use paint more economically. Surplus of dye will flow down through grid on bottom of charging bin and you will be able to use paint once again.

6. Dry the painted crushed stone. For these purposes it is recommended to use the special drying bunker equipped with the system of mechanical ventilation. In the absence of this equipment it is possible to dry material in the furnace. The simplest, but the long way of drying just is to leave crushed stone in charging bin in the open air.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team