How to pick up color of eyebrows

How to pick up color of eyebrows

, well-groomed eyebrows of the correct form will give special expressiveness to eyes and will be able to give to your face new expression. For this reason the appeal of female image depends on color and also shape of eyebrows. It can change depending on fashion: dark dense or pulled out in thread, direct or abruptly curved. At the same time eyebrows have to look naturally. Color of eyebrows needs to be selected individually, for face type.


  1. It is very important to pick up the correct color for eyebrows. If you want eyebrows to begin to look at you naturally and expressively, then it is very important to pick up color of eyebrows to hair color and skin. Select tone which will be slightly lighter than your natural hair color and vice versa - for ashy and fair hair. Gray-haired and colourless eyebrows can deprive the person of expressiveness. They should be tinted slightly.
  2. Blondes with light skin will not suit too dark eyebrows. Choose paint of average brown color or light brown. Such colors most harmoniously will be able to fit into image.
  3. Brown average shade perfectly will be suitable for those women whose hair color has golden and red shade, and skin light.
  4. Owners of saturated red hair color will suit auburn or terracotta color of eyebrows.
  5. It is the best of all for brown-haired women to stop the choice on dark brown or dark gray color of eyebrows.
  6. To brunettes with light skin, the most acceptable option dark brown or dark gray color is. And here with swarty skin it is the best of all for brunettes to give preference to black color of eyebrows.
  7. To women with gray hair dark sulfur or brown color of average shade of eyebrows will be the most suitable.
  8. If your hair is dyed in palette from red shades, it does not mean at all, as eyebrows at you have to be made up by red pencil. In this case it is necessary to take pencil of brown scale, black or olive-gray – any more will not approach. The main thing in color has to be compliance and harmony.
  9. Try to pick up color of eyebrows so that they could not cause negative and have not turned out the brightest site on face but only have competently emphasized your eyes and image. It is possible to use both pencil, and shadows. If you make up eyebrows with pencil, then the pencil has to be rather firm. The pencil will be firmer, the color will turn out less bright and saturated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team