How to make make-up for green eyes

How to make make-up for green eyes

-eyed beauties can be both swarty brunettes and white-skinned blondes. Therefore in make-up of eyes they need to consider not only their color, but also the general tsvetotip appearance.


  1. Green-eyed brunettes with light skin will suit silvery and golden shadows. Such appearance will also benefit from use of lilac and violet shadows in fold of century. Eyes can be emphasized marsh, brown-green or color khaki. It is better to avoid saturated green shadows because the iris can be lost against the background of bright green century.
  2. Swarty brunettes will suit shadows of warmer shades: golden-beige, sand, brown. Also on swarty skin pink-lilac shadows interestingly look. Brunettes have usually expressive eyes with dense and long eyelashes therefore ink and eyeliner should not be applied too brightly. For day make-up it is better to use these products of brown or dark-violet color.
  3. Green-eyed blondes are recommended to begin make-up of eyes with eyebrows which need to be allocated with pencil or shadows. It is better for owners of very light, platinum curls to use light gray pencil, and at warmer shade of hair shadows and pencils of neutral-brown color will approach.
  4. In make-up the century to blondes with green eyes is recommended to use golden, olive and gray-brown shadows. The fold of century and external corner of eye can be emphasized in dark green or coffee-brown color. In evening make-up plum accents effectively look. Blondes are recommended to use eyeliner and pencils for age of brown, bronze or gray color. It is better to choose ink dark brown or black.
  5. Brown-haired women with green eyes can experiment with wide palette of eye shadow. On them almost all colors, except grassy-green, emerald, blue-green, blue and blue perfectly look. To give additional depth to iris, brown-haired women can use thin arrows on upper and lower eyelid of dark green or marsh color.
  6. Red-haired girls with green eyes have bright type of appearance which also allows to use saturated colors in make-up. In day make-up of eyes use of lilac, apricot, caramel shades to which it is possible to add plum, copper and bronze accents in the evening is recommended. Eyebrows will effectively look if to emphasize them with pencil two tones more dark than hair color. Red-haired beauties can choose ink and eyeliner dark brown, dark-violet or black.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team