How to pick up make-up to brown eyes

How to pick up make-up to brown eyes

consider brown color of eyes boring and ordinary. Such opinion is wrong. The make-up which is competently emphasizing advantages is capable to make brown eyes bright, deep and fascinating.


  1. Inaccurate and carelessly executed meyk-ap will spoil all impression. Therefore begin make-up with preparation of eyes for drawing shadows and ink. Shadows well lay down and do not roll down if the skin is moisturized by the special cream intended for care for this zone. If you have circles under eyes, disguise them the proofreader.
  2. You will choose shadows, best of all suitable for shade of your eyes. If you have light-brown eyes, stop the choice on blue, lilac and violet shades. Shadows of these flowers strongly contrast with brown eyes, doing them bright and expressive. However if proteins of your eyes have yellowish shade, it is better not to use violet shades as they will enhance yellowness.
  3. It is the best of all to emphasize dark brown eyes with shadows of pink color. But it is possible only in case your skin is ideal and in whites of the eyes there are no noticeable red streaks. Otherwise pink shadows will give to your face unhealthy color. If you cannot brag snow-white of proteins and ideal leather, emphasize dark brown eyes with shadows of blue, yellow or beige color.
  4. It is better to carry out make-up of the brown eyes having golden shade by means of contrast shadows, for example, lilac and nacreous white or gray-blue and golden-brown.
  5. If your eyes have copper sparkles, emphasize them by means of various green shades. Especially you will suit shadows of color khaki.
  6. Brown eyes of color of nut can be made more expressive by means of light pink shadows and black eyeliner.
  7. You should not use orange shadows for brown eyes irrespective of their shade.
  8. If you want to use eye shadow black eyeliner, use shadows of light shades, otherwise the make-up will look overloaded. Besides black eyeliner experiment with color eyeliners and pencils. The violet eyeliner, for example, practically always favourably shades brown eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team