How to plan the parcel

How to plan the parcel

Necessary formalities behind, and you became the owner of the parcel which should be mastered. Though approximately the one who has decided to reconstruct or reconstruct the old estate or the seasonal dacha also comes up against the same situation. There is the first question – what to begin with?


1. First of all make the list of the constructions necessary for housekeeping and comfortable stay. Further draw up the approximate plan of the site. Designate on it parts of the world and also constructions and trees on adjacent sites (if they, of course, are).

2. Make the preliminary marking drawing. Represent on it all buildings and constructions planned to construction, kitchen garden, orchard, the berry-picker and, of course, recreation area. Look whether undersized plants will begin to shade fruit-trees, whether will interfere constructions with neighbors.

3. It is the best of all to put the house in northern part of the site. Usually the house is located at distance of five meters from the red line (the border separating the site from the road). Before facade break the front garden on which place lawn and bed. Connect farm buildings to the house, garden and kitchen garden paths which width has to be not less than 75 centimeters that on them it was possible not only to pass, but also to take wheelbarrow. Distances between constructions are regulated by fire protection regulations. Whenever possible, place house terrace from South side, thus, you will manage to make transition to recreation area.

4. For garden and garden zone of isolation it is not required. Place fruit-trees on house perimeter. Except indisputable advantage these trees will become also decoration of your site.

5. Place garden beds closer to recreation area, but that they looked beautifully, separate them from recreation area green hedge from bushes or flowers.

6. And, at last, the most favourite recreation area. For it it is possible to construct pergola, gazebo, open terrace or patio. Plant honeysuckle-kaprifol, hop, pletisty rose, wild grapes around gazebo. In such gazebo will pleasantly spend all free time and to welcome guests.

7. If the area of your site allows "scatter" twisting paths on garden. Decorate them with beds, jobs. In front of the house make miksborder of flowers. It is fashionable to decorate the estate with mini-reservoir, having added it with decorative elements: bridge, fountain, sculptures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team