How to plant blueberry

How to plant blueberry

Garden blueberry is new culture in garden. Already from the first attempts of cultivation of this culture in gardens it became one of the most favourite berries.


1. Wild berry blueberry has excellently fitted in on plantations of homestead economy. Have fallen in love with this berry for its sweetish taste and ability to a certain extent to improve sight, to normalize digestion. Blueberry is important for women as the product having one of valuable qualities - slows down aging process. Besides blueberry berries - hypoallergenic product. In wild look blueberry occupies marshlands of the tundra, Siberia, the Urals and the Far East. If to consider the place of growth and structure of the soil, then it is possible to grow up safely blueberry on the personal plot.

2. For cultivation of blueberry choose the solar site. This berry the forest inhabitant will also feel more comfortably on the sites protected from drafts. The root system of blueberry fibrillose and on the ends of the smallest backs the mushroom – mikoriza has lodged. The increased humidity and the soil with sour reaction is necessary for normal activity of mushroom. It is possible to reach this balance by introduction of riding peat or the top "pillow" of flooring brought from the wood from the fir-tree fallen-down needles. To improve situation if you have neutral soil, sawdust can, they have reaction acidified too. Before landing, and land blueberry usually in the spring, in 2 days prepare poles by depth depending on planting stock, but consider, the root neck has to be buried at 5-8 centimeters. The landing hole is filled with peat, pine sawdust, fallen leaves and bark. For opposition to stresses to add phosphoric fertilizers (matchbox on pole). When landing the roots of blueberry are evenly straightened, excepting zaloma. We fill up with the prepared, acidified substrate. We trample down soil around blueberry, we do hole and it is carefully spilled by the warm acidified water. We mulch landings by sawdust, cut straw, foliage, fir-tree needles, 8-10 centimeters thick and with a radius of 50-60 centimeters

3. At first after landing it is necessary to weed and water. Water two times a week. Fertilizing carry out only by mineral fertilizers, and organic does not feed up. What fertilizer is not enough for bushes, it is possible to determine by external signs. Slow increase of weight and yellowish color of sheet plates speaks about lack of nitrogen. Reddish color of leaf – lacks phosphorus. On lack of potassium show the died-off tops of young stalks and edge of leaves. Red edges of leaves say that it is necessary to bring magnesium, and deformation of sheet plates reminds of potassium introduction. Cutting is carried out for the second year of life. Cut off all damaged and frozen slightly branches. The zero stalk is shortened on half, awakening side fruit escapes on which future harvest is formed. On bush 8-9 fructifying escapes and additional escapes of replacement have to be created. Further gradually we cut out branches 5 years are more senior, but at the same time they are replaced by replacement stalks. It is not required to cover for the winter unless to throw in low-snow winters with fir twigs.

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