How to put bed in the bedroom

How to put bed in the bedroom

It is very important to choose location of bed in your bedroom as depends on it whether there will be your dream and rest full. You, getting up in the morning, have to be vigorous, vigorous and well rested. Before arranging bed, it is desirable to listen to such Chinese science as feng shui.


1. The bed categorically is not recommended to be put so that your legs lay to door. This not good sign is known in the people long ago as ""only the dead man is taken out legs forward"".

2. Also do not put bed so that behind it there was window as the window has no property to protect. Besides, from window there can be draft, and you can easily catch a cold.

3. It is better that the headboard of bed adjoined to wall, but the wall adjacent to toilet and kitchen should not be this wall. On feng shui, smells from kitchen and toilet should not get to the bedroom, they break positive energy in the bedroom. The wall creates feeling of stability, reliability and security.

4. Over bed any objects, for example, long chandeliers, lamps, cabinets, regiments, pictures as they cause pressure sense and threats should not hang. The person, lying on bed, cannot thoroughly relax.

5. It is not recommended to put bed where it is reflected in mirror. There is superstition that there will be adulteries in family. And the power which can be more negative than positive, is reflected in mirror and goes back to you. As a result, you will wake up tired and suppressed.

6. Do not dispose bed close to the TV, the distance at least has to be 3 meters. In general, the TV should not be in the bedroom because from it negative energy and unnecessary information accumulates in the bedroom that, besides, disturbs quiet dream.

7. The bed has to stand so that you could see the people entering the bedroom. The best arrangement of bed - on diagonal to door, so advises feng shui.

8. If the double bed, is intended for two people, then access to bed has to be from two parties. If bed for one person, then put it sideways to wall or in corner between window and door.

9. Under the bed there should not be any objects (boxes and other things which put under bed because there is no place to put them more). The space has to be empty in order that energy could circulate freely when you sleep.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team