How to put eyeliner

How to put eyeliner

used eye shadow does look more expressive, attractive and even sexual. To use eye shadow, it is possible to use cosmetic pencil, liquid eyeliner - it is called still the liner, and by ordinary shadows. Every way of drawing eyeliner has nuances and advantages.

It is required to you

  • Pencil for eyes
  • Sponge
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Brush for eyeliner
  • Eye shadow


  1. Pencil eye shadow is used after drawing shadows, but before making up eyelashes ink. Pencil lines are thicker and softer. Check whether the pencil is well ground, draw line on the hand back to make sure that wooden part of pencil will not scratch gentle eyelid. Cover eye and delay skin of upper eyelid from outer side aside. It will make eyelid more flat and will allow to put eyeliner more exactly. Begin to conduct the line from internal part of eye before the end of the century. If you want to increase eyes, by means of eyeliner, begin to draw the line from the middle of eye. Special soft sponge which usually is on the other side of pencil shade eyeliner. If there is no such sponge, use the edge of soft sponge. Delay lower eyelid down and apply eyeliner on edge of mucous membrane of century. Make sure that your hand does not shiver not to get into eye. In the same way apply eyeliner on the second eye - check whether lines are symmetric?
  2. The liquid eyeliner can be put as before drawing shadows, and later. It reserves more accurate and thin lines. If you want to make the line softer, put eyeliner to shadows if is more accurate – later. Dip brush into bottle, carry out on edge to remove surplus of paint. You hold brush at an angle in 45 degrees and conduct the line from internal corner of eye to external. Try to put eyeliner with one movement as it is possible closer to the line of growth of eyelashes. If it a little flows between eyelashes, it is good. Eyelashes will look more dense. Repeat the procedure with the second eye.
  3. The liquid eyeliner is never applied on mucous membrane of lower eyelid as it not only is washed away, but also the irritation can cause. The lower eyelid liquid eyeliner is brought as well as upper, being guided by the line of growth of eyelashes. Before putting shadows or ink, be convinced that the eyeliner has completely dried.
  4. To make eyeliner shadows, you need special flat brush. Sprinkle it water and remove with soft cotton napkin surplus of liquid. You need damp, but not wet brush. Dip brush into shadows. If shadows friable, shake surplus. Begin to put eyeliner, kind of driving in shadows through growth of eyelashes. Shadows do not draw line, and put them in several vigorous contacts. If necessary bring lower eyelid in the same equipment. Periodically sprinkle brush and again dip it into shadows. Apply eyeliner on the second eye.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team