How to put filbert

How to put filbert

In our country the filbert has become widespread. He can be met often in the south of the country. However in nonchernozem strip of Russia he is practically not grown up. Though there are very many grades which well grow and fructify in these weather conditions.


1. Nuts are valuable food products and tasty delicacy. Thin escapes of nut can be used for weaving of baskets and also various hand-made articles. Some grades filbert can serve as decoration of garden. The filbert is carried to family of birch. At this plant diclinous flowers. The filbert can reach in height about 3 meters. From each adult bush it is possible to receive up to 10 kilograms of nuts. In one soplodiya there can be from 2 to 32 nuts.

2. Reproduction of this plant happens in the vegetative way. However it can also be made multiple copies also seeds. It becomes generally in the selection purposes. The fact is that at this way of reproduction parental signs are not inherited. Most often make multiple copies filbert division of bush, root young growth, layers. If you the skilled fan, then can use methods of inoculation and okulirovka.

3. It is the simplest to make multiple copies this plant young growth. For this purpose it is necessary to hill bush of filbert the friable soil that will lead to the strengthened education of young growth. Escapes during the summer will be able to take roots. It is possible to dig out them in the fall.

4. It is effective as well way of horizontal layers. One-year or two-year branches need to be spread out horizontally in in advance dug out superficial grooves in the fall. Then they need to be pinned and covered humous with earth. In that place where layers by pins on bark are attached, it is necessary to make slanting undercuts. Thanks to it awakening of growth kidneys will accelerate. Leave tops of escapes on the surface of the soil. Tie up them to pegs. It will promote faster education of young growth on the bent-down escapes. At good leaving this way it is possible to receive hundreds of saplings from one bush.

5. Saplings will fructify for the third year. Plant them at distance of 5x5 meters. The best time for landing – September. It is recommended to bring 200 grams of superphosphate and 50 grams of potash salt in hole. Fertilizers need to be mixed carefully with the earth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team