How to put lawn

How to put lawn

In classical joke have asked the Englishman that it is necessary to make to grow up the real English lawn. "Just cut and water it within 300 years", - the Englishman has answered. However there is a wish that not only our pra-great-great-grandsons, but also ourselves could walk on velvet emerald carpet.

It is required to you

  • Mix of seeds of lawn herbs,
  • System herbicide,
  • Complex fertilizer,
  • Rake,
  • Skating rink,
  • Ukryvna material,
  • The trimmer with fishing line or the lawn-mower


1. Preparation. Good preparation of the soil – key to success during creation of lawn. Process the chosen site system herbicide to destroy weeds. Carefully dig over, when redigging surely choose all roots and the remains of plants. Break all large lumps of the earth. Rake level the earth, introduce complex fertilizer in dose of 75 g/sq.m. Slightly condense. Use for this purpose special skating rink, it will allow you to avoid holes and roughnesses on surface of future lawn. The skating rink should be hired in the firms which are engaged in landscaping.

2. Crops. It is better to sow in the spring when the earth gets warm. In this case you will be able to use lawn the next year. On small sites the crops can be carried out manually, otherwise use the broadcast seeder. It as well as skating rink, it is possible to hire. On sale there is wide choice of lawn mixes. Choose mix for the lawn according to soil moisture, illumination and specifics of future use. If in the house there are children or dogs, buy mixes for sports lawn. After you have scattered seeds, walk on future lawn rake, slightly closing up seeds to the earth. Then again roll skating rink. Cover all site of lawn with ukryvny nonwoven fabric to protect landings from birds. Water.

3. Leaving. It is only not enough to seed seeds in the prepared earth. Without appropriate care, consider that you will just throw out them. It is necessary to look after lawn carefully, in this case in a couple of years you will be able to tell that you have put lawn. So, you carry out the first bevelling when height of grass reaches 10-15 cm. You mow lawn regularly, but do not mow too low. Height less than 4 cm is stress for cereals. Water lawn after each bevelling. Apply slowly operating special lawn fertilizer. Since the end of August exclude nitric fertilizing from fertilizers. Try not to go on lawn after heavy incessant rains and in the early spring until the earth has dried out yet. The soil in the trampled places is aerated worse and easily grows with moss. At the last autumn bevelling, leave the cut-off grass on lawn as heater.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team