How to remove mercury from the broken thermometer

How to remove mercury from the broken thermometer

Probably, each family at least once in life faced such unpleasant moment as collecting mercury from the crashed thermometer. Mercury in itself is not dangerous, but its couples are very dangerous. Steam inhalation poses real threat therefore if you have come up against similar situation, use this recommendation in order to avoid poisoning.

It is required to you

  • - Paper,
  • - rubber gloves,
  • - gauze bandage,
  • - plastic bags,
  • - brush,
  • - adhesive plaster or adhesive tape,
  • - laundry soap,
  • - potassium permanganate,
  • - soda ash


1. First of all it is necessary to move away children and animals to other room. Open window and densely close door that harmful evaporations have not got to other room.

2. It is desirable to turn on the conditioner or to create draft as at temperature over 18 degrees the mercury evaporation begins. Make all necessary for fall of temperature in the room.

3. It is necessary to put on plastic bags legs. To put the gauze bandage moistened with water on the person (if there is respirator, then it is better than it). On eyes to put on safety glasses.

4. First of all start collecting splinters from the broken thermometer. To place splinters in the prepared plastic bag which needs to be tied carefully.

5. To collect balls of mercury quite difficult as it runs up on smaller balls. Accurately by means of brush to tire out mercury balls on paper towel. To pack densely into plastic bag.

6. To include small lamp and more carefully to consider the place of the passage of mercury. It is very easy to collect the remained small parts of mercury by means of adhesive plaster or adhesive tape. To accurately paste tape of plaster on this place and, having carefully unstuck, to throw out in plastic bag, to close or tie up carefully. If mercury has spread on carpet, then, most likely, you should throw out it.

7. After all particles are collected, it is necessary to prepare solution which will help to neutralize mercury vapors. To mix in one liter of water 40 grams of the grated laundry soap and 50 gr. soda ash. To fill in with this solution of the place where perhaps there were parts of mercury.

8. After that to part small amount of permanganate of potassium in water and carefully, alternating to normal hygienic washing, to wash the place of spill of mercury 3-4 times within a day.

9. And after everything is collected and removed. Learn the phone number, and the address of collection point for the devices containing mercury. Or to cause the specialized organization on the house.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team