How to remove vertical blinds

How to remove vertical blinds

Fabric, plastic, aluminum and other blinds organically fit into any space: they can be seen at offices, institutions of cultural and education, in sanatoria and in premises. And, unlike the horizontal analogs, vertical blinds look much more cozy, keeping at the same time all the functional advantages.


1. To learn to remove blinds, it is necessary to have idea of their design which basic element are vertically located lamels (fabric, metal, plastic or wooden strips). Main components of such curtain: eaves, runners, small weights, connecting chain, chain and cords of management.

2. Fastenings are different and depend on look and model of blinds, and often them happens rather difficult to remove for washing or cleaning. So that to remove fabric vertical blinds, first of all, save lamels from the lower chain and small weights then start removal of cloth from runners. All this process happens approximately as well as removal of curtains from usual hooks.

3. Aluminum or plastic blinds are removed quite simply: pull together all lamels to one of edges and for convenience record office clip, then carefully remove eaves from fastenings. At the same time "tags" of brackets need to be pulled accurately on themselves and slightly to the right, at the same time holding blinds, – so all of you will make quickly and do not damage the mechanism. Now pull on yourself and down a little, and the curtain is removed.

4. Exempt lamels from fixers, small weights and chain. Now they are ready to cleaning, however, unlike fabric, from it is impossible to turn, and therefore try not to remove clips up to the cleaning of blinds.

5. Wooden blinds should be removed by the piece: remove side fixers, remove the lower chain, on one level take out from fixer in eaves. Occupation this labor-consuming therefore stock up with patience.

6. If lamels were damaged, then just remove them and replace with new, it costs much cheaper, than replacement of all design. If necessary it is possible to change also length of strips, to create semicircle, diagonal cut or to give them other form.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team