How to repair the electric tool

How to repair the electric tool

It is difficult to provide those times when the people did without electric tool. Fortunately, the situation has changed: practically all types of the tool now in use are electrified. But, alas, and the electric tool sometimes brings, failing at the most inappropriate moment. It is good that the situation is reparable, the faulty electric tool can be repaired the hands.

  • - cord;
  • - terminals;
  • - vacuum cleaner;
  • - brushes;
  • - insulating tape;
  • - tools.

1. Before starting repair of the electric tool, disconnect it from the socket or remove the battery pack (if faulty was accumulator tool).

2. Correctly pick up workplace. You remember: the room in which repair the electric tool has to be clean and with good lighting.

3. If the failure cause – the damaged cord and for elimination of breakage is required its replacement, the identical wire is recommended to use: with the identical section, isolation type, the number of conductors and type of plug. Before removing cord, surely mark terminals. In case terminals of new cord are not compatible to the electric tool connector, replace them with suitable (it is possible to get them in the service center).

4. Envelop cord exit point from the body of the electric tool insulating tape. It needs to be made that the cord densely kept, and wires in the tool did not stretch.

5. Check whether terminals are reliably fixed and also make sure that there are no bared sites of wire which adjoin to uninsulated knots or bare wires. You remember: there should not be squeezed and overwound wires as they can become the cause of short circuit.

6. One of widespread problems – wear of brushes. On those electric tools on which brushes can be replaced without opening of the body before establishing new brushes, surely remove small litter by means of the vacuum cleaner. Making replacement of brushes, grease bearings.

7. If the old brush demanding replacement is damaged, make sure that in the engine of the electric tool there is no its fragment left and later establish new.

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