How to replace box

How to replace box

Box - evergreen plant of family box. Because of the decorative effect it became one of the most beloved houseplants among amateur flower growers. The plant is unpretentious: it is enough to provide of it with bright light, regular watering, and the plant with gratitude will respond on care by beautiful green krone.


1. If the box has been acquired in shop, it should be replaced with that peat pot with which it was on sale. It is necessary to replace adult plant each two-three years. It will stimulate growth of box. Choose pot as small, then root will not be able to be taken in growth, and growth of the plant will be delayed.

2. Pochvosmes make independently. Composition of the ground: the cespitose earth, the sheet earth and coarse sand in proportion 4:2:1 respectively. Soil has to be with low acidity, at high acidity – roots begin to rot. It is better to replace in the spring when the plant has not entered the period of active vegetation yet.

3. For drainage bottom of pot lay out wood charcoal layer not less than two centimeters. Before change take out plant from pot, attentively examine roots, cut decayed and damaged.

4. Transfer plant to new pot, powder with soil which does not need to be condensed. The earth will be condensed in the course of watering.

5. The radical circle to zamulchiruyta pine bark, it will protect the soil from drying. The plant is abundant water and move to the constant place which has to be lit with the scattered bright light, but hit of direct sunshine is undesirable.

6. It is very good if there is opportunity to take out pots with box on open loggia or in garden. Act circumspectly, you take out pots only when the risk of return of spring frosts disappears. Move away them hardly in the fall the first signs of cold snap will appear.

7. In the summer the replaced plants feel comfortable at the room temperature, it is better to winter to box at temperature not lower than 12 wasps.

8. During the spring-year period the box is watered often and it is abundant. Not to allow overwetting of the soil, the pot should be placed in pallet where excess moisture will flow down and as required through roots to humidify the soil.

9. It is obligatory to moisten air in the summer, spraying the settled water. In the fall and to reduce watering in the winter. If at plant leaves begin to dry and be twisted, so it lacks moisture. Also development of web tick and shchitovka can be the cause of defeat. Apply purchased disinfectant which process plant to fight against these parasites.

10. Fertilizing of box each two weeks spend all spring-year season. Very well the fertilizer applied to fertilizing of houseplant – azalea approaches.

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