How to replace cartridge in chandelier

How to replace cartridge in chandelier

In chandelier, as well as in any other lamp, the cartridge can fail. Having replaced it, it is possible to save considerable means as it will not be required to get new chandelier. However replacement of the boss in the lamp of this type has number of features.


1. Before performance of operation switch-off the automatic machine from which in to the apartment eat all surface mounted luminaires in room guard. Make sure that you have switched off that automatic machine which is necessary: after its shutdown any of chandeliers, including repaired, should not work irrespective of position of the switch. Indoors, where the chandelier is established, in advance include desk lamp which direct up in the socket (they will continue to work as are disconnected by other automatic machine).

2. Having switched-off the automatic machine, make sure that the boss really needs replacement. Remove the lamp shade, then the boss's cover. Using lamp in addition to desk lamp, examine contacts of the boss. If on them there are traces of deposit, rust, clean them. Use for this purpose file, the screw-driver. Do not forget to clean including faces of terminals. The ave. of need, slightly turn in contacts so that they nestled on lamp better, but so that to exclude short circuit and breakage of the basis.

3. Slightly, not to pull wire, delay the ceramic basis with contacts. Examine vnita. If necessary, tighten them. Then collect cartridge and put on the lamp shade.

4. In case the body of the boss is damaged, preventive operations will not help. It should be changed. For this purpose pull out bulbs from all cartridges, even those which you are not going to change. Remove lamp shades. Then remove chandelier, having sketched the scheme of its connection. Carry out this operation with the assistant. Lay the newspaper on table, and already on it carefully put chandelier.

5. For removal of the boss at first sort it, then disconnect wires from ceramic block. After that separate the boss's basis from chandelier. It can fasten differently. Establish new cartridge upside-down, without allowing short circuits, including, from cutting of isolation at assembly.

6. If wiring in chandelier shabby, replace it. According to the scheme it has to correspond in accuracy to initial. Drawing of conductors through tubes - labor-consuming, but feasible operation. Also do not allow at the same time cutting of isolation of wires.

7. Into place also carry out installation of chandelier with the assistant. If earlier it was connected without terminal block, install it. Put into place lamp shades, and then lamps.

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