How to sew cover on bed

How to sew cover on bed

The bed is the most noticeable subject in the bedroom therefore the cover on bed has to be stylish and pleasant. This, of course, not scarce product, but signature store products frightens off the price, and you should not take cheap cover because of its poor quality. Much more will be cheaper if to buy beautiful cloth and to sew set on bed independently.

  • - dense beautiful fabric;
  • - slanting inlay and other decorative elements;
  • - threads;
  • - needles;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - scissors.

1. When you choose fabric for cover, pay attention and to decorative elements which will be able to decorate your product. On counters of shops of sewing accessories there is wide choice of various edgings, tapes, flounces, fringe, cords and brushes. Select fabric for product dense, not friable, such material well holds form and it is much easier to work with it.

2. Look at cloth width, consider how many strips are required to you. It will depend also on cover model. If you separately sew the hanging-down parts, doing assembly, fabrics will leave more. Now covers which are kind of big for bed are fashionable. That is the product will close bed and will lie on floor. Carefully measure parameters of bed and in them calculate fabric cut metric area.

3. For tailoring of model with separate frill take length and width of mattress and add three centimeters on allowances of seams. That the frill has turned out magnificent, increase its length by two. Usually in headboard the frill is not sewn therefore you need to put two lengths of mattress and its width.

4. If you need to sew two pieces of fabric, you watch the direction and combination of the drawing. Sew frill in one strip. It is better to process cuts of cloth of frill slanting inlay of contrast or one color with cover matter.

5. Process cuts of the main cloth overloky or "zigzag". Collect frill on two "live threads" at distance 1.5-2 centimeters from each other. Pulling together threads, adjust part longwise. Pin frill to cloth and tack it.

6. Pristrochite part on the machine. The cut in headboard can be processed slanting inlay too. For bigger decorative effect the seams which you pritachat frill to cloth can be decorated with twisted cord or color tape. Sew heavy brushes to corners of cover.

7. To receive stylish set on bed, sew also several pillowcases from the same fabric, as cover.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team