How to sew svag

How to sew svag

The word unfamiliar to much svag is that other as part of lambrequin. The lambrequin can consist of one or several svag of identical or different length. For a start make the simplest lambrequin of one svag without pattern. It well will approach window which you will not decorate with curtains.

It is required to you

  • - Main fabric;
  • - Lining fabric;
  • - Interlining;
  • - level for suspension of lambrequin of the necessary length;
  • - Cord for decor;
  • - Sartorial scissors, swept;
  • - Furniture nails and hammer;


1. The eaves for lambrequin have to be located at least 10 cm above window opening. Level length for lambrequin pays off proceeding from width of aperture plus 15 cm from each party. To understand how many it is necessary for fabric for svag, add to eaves length 10 cm and length of "tails" which you go to see at the edges of svag. They will replace curtains. Width of cloth depends on as far as you want that svag sagged over window opening. If it is 50 cm, then width will be required not less than 70 cm. The lining for lambrequin is desirable as it will make it volume, and folds soft. The lining size the same, as at the main fabric.

2. Now it is necessary to stitch lining and basis together. For this purpose put both fabrics the person to each other and chop off pins. The seam has to be in 1.5 cm from edge. Stitch on perimeter, having left centimeters thirty from above. At you the long rectangle has to turn out. On corners make cuts that they did not gather then and turn out it is available.

3. Note on level and on lambrequin the center. The stapler or hammer and furniture nails beat lambrequin to upper part of level. The ends of lambrequin have to hang down freely.

4. The most important – it is beautiful to collect folds and to pull together lambrequin with decorative cord at the edges of level. For this purpose folds form equally spaced. Before pulling together with cord, fix folds, having stitched them manually that further they were not displaced.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team