How to stack foundation blocks

How to stack foundation blocks

Construction of brick houses demands certain knowledge and abilities. That, for example, build independently country cottage it is necessary to begin with studying bases of architecture of residential buildings. And the house begins to be built, of course, with the code of the qualitative base.

1. Begin with studying drawings of your house. The plan of the bases is integral part of any structural drawing. Remember that foundation blocks keep within only under the internal walls of the house bearing external and bearing. Blocks of walls of the base are formed at the plants of concrete of brand 100 or 200 (strengthened).

2. Prepare the base for construction jobs, having laid base slabs by means of erection facilities. Foundation blocks are usually walls of basements therefore correctly calculate their quantity for further convenient operation. Plates and blocks have stropovochny loops thanks to what it is convenient to take them and to understand.

3. Stack foundation blocks on cement and sand solution 20 mm thick, using bandaging of vertical joints. Laying has to be carried out as it is shown in the project that there were no problems when leading communications to the house.

4. Stack foundation blocks only on the leveled surface. If construction is carried out without base pillows and with use of hollow blocks, then previously lay concrete layer on the basis.

5. The blocks intended for the bases which are under the influence of hostile environment are manufactured with additives for increase in firmness of concrete. But do not forget about insulating actions. For protection of basement walls against penetration of capillary water use horizontal backing waterproofing, coating waterproofing of the vertical surfaces adjoining to soil of walls of the basement, horizontal waterproofing in the form of inclusion of layer of greasy cement slurry in the structure of base course of half of the basement, prifundamentny drainage limiting level of underground water during their seasonal rise.

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