How to use plaids of large tying in interior

How to use plaids of large tying in interior

The unusual decor in interior always draws attention. Especially, if plaids of large tying which have already received incredible popularity in fashionable community are for this purpose used.

It should be noted at once that this idea is not new. But right now more often such products it is possible to meet on pages of fashionable magazines and profiles of social networks. Plaids have received such popularity thanks to one needlewoman from the USA who just knitted beautiful plaids the hands from wool motochok.

Today all also do plaids of large tying without needles. Technology of their creation is similar to macrame therefore available practically to each woman who is diligently acquiring material at manual training. Earlier almost at each school of macrame was part of the program therefore this equipment is familiar to all. With experience it is possible to create on plaid for one evening, and then more.

The plaid of large tying looks very interestingly, it instantly draws attention and causes burning desire to get or create same for itself. It is wrong to believe that this plaid rigid or prickly, it is made of the most delicate wool therefore gives only heat, softness and indescribable tenderness.

Where the plaid of large tying is appropriate

It is necessary to understand that it is difficult to put plaid of large tying ten times and to remove in far corner of cabinet to get at the right time. He is so effective that it will be better to look in expanded form on bed or sofa.

Products of large tying perfectly supplement practically any interior: perfectly are suitable for country, softly dilute classics and even techno and modernist style will play to them new paints. Using plaid as cover in the bedroom, it is possible to receive soft, cozy and a little naive design.

And at the dacha it is possible to lay on chairs of pillow of large tying, cape on chairs, plaids of the small sizes. They will soften garden furniture.

Large tying is appropriate not only in interior today, but also in clothes. The sweaters, service jackets, coat, jackets made in this equipment have become fashionable. And caps and scarfs also did not leave mode.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team