How to use the fire extinguisher

How to use the fire extinguisher

The ability to use the fire extinguisher can be useful at any moment of life therefore each person is obliged to know about its device and operation principle. At the beginning fire it can save property and life and also will allow to hold spread of fire before arrival of firefighters. How it is correct to use the fire extinguisher?

Types of fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are divided into several main types – foam, powder and carbon dioxide. Foam extinguishers are intended for suppression of such combustible liquids as gasoline, varnish, oil, paint and so on. Also them it is possible to extinguish the centers of ignition of solid materials – except the devices which are under voltage. Dry powder extinguishers apply to elimination of the lit-up combustible and easily flammable liquids, paints, varnishes, plastic and electric devices which tension is no more than 1000 volts.

The fire extinguisher has to have not too big weight that if necessary any family members, including children could use it.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers allow to extinguish various substances, liquids and materials and also the installations connected to power network. This type of fire extinguishers is considered the most effective due to the structure allowing to liquidate fire as fast as possible. Usually use fire extinguishers as follows: it is necessary to break seal, to pull out to the check, to direct bell to fire and to begin suppression, keeping the fire extinguisher in vertical position. However there is number of rules of its use which need to be known.

Rules of the correct operation of fire fighting appliance

The fire extinguisher has to be stored in inaccessibility from direct sunshine, children and heating appliances. Indoor temperature has to be average. When using dry powder extinguisher the charge needs to be given a la carte, each 3-5 seconds. The charge stream always has to go from the windward side, and at suppression of the burning electric unit the fire extinguisher cannot be brought to it closer, than on 1 meter.

When using the fire extinguisher it is forbidden to touch with naked hand bell not to get skin frostbite.

Ignition of oil products is extinguished foam extinguishers, covering with foam all burning surface. The burning oil cannot be extinguished the stream directed from top to down. It is necessary to extinguish the fire from near edge, gradually going deep into the ignition center. Fire which has arisen in niche should be extinguished from top to down. If the dry powder extinguisher is used, the center needs to be extinguished from the windward side, directing stream not to fire, and to the burning surface. In the presence of several fire extinguishers it is necessary to use them all and at the same time. Even to the extinguished ignition center it is never impossible to turn back, and the used fire extinguishers need to be recharged at once.

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