How to warm the greenhouse

How to warm the greenhouse

The greenhouse is unique invention of mankind. In it it is possible not only to grow up thermophilic plants since the earliest spring, but also to receive harvests during the winter period when temperature on the street falls below zero. Of course, the normal summer greenhouse will not be suitable for severe winter, but there are several ways how to warm its design to achieve the best result at small frosts and cold summer.

It is required to you

  • - bricks;
  • - cement;
  • - foam concrete blocks;
  • - glass or plastic;
  • - fog generator;
  • - soil heating system.


1. Provide to your greenhouse rigid base from concrete or brick. The fact is that during the winter period the soil on the street freezes through on meter and more, and even from the beginning of spring thaw will reduce very strongly temperature in your hotbed. Put layer of bricks, foam concrete blocks or cement with layer from brick scrap, and soil in the greenhouse will be reliably protected from cooling. Partially the basis can be buried to the soil, but on 2/3 it has to be on its surface.

2. If the greenhouse is made of glass or special plastic, additional heat can be preserved at the expense of one more layer in walls. Make additional partition, having separated it from inside layer of the greenhouse on 5-7 cm. Such air layer will reliably protect your harvest from cold street air and will interfere with accidental damages from rain and snow if the external layer of the greenhouse cracks. It is also useful to make the additional platform with hot-air curtain not to freeze gentle plants constant opening of outer door. To install the air gun to this platform or not – depends on specific situation, but even if you will organize additional section without warming – the greenhouse will become more reliable.

3. In cold weather and frosts it is necessary to provide your hotbed with additional heat. If in the region it is very cold, it will be most reasonable to carry out the heating system for the soil and air and to connect the greenhouse to the generator in the house. Heat has to move smoothly, otherwise in all your manipulations no sense will be perfect. Also pay attention that ukryvny material which you use for the greenhouse should not have any cracks and tears at all and to be absolutely hermetic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team