How to wash cabinet

How to wash cabinet

The correct care for furniture will allow to prolong the term of its service and to achieve faultless look that, undoubtedly, will please the hostess of the house and will cause admiration from guests. To wash cabinet and at the same time not to spoil covering, it is necessary to follow several simple rules, and it will begin to sparkle purity.


1. It is necessary to delete dust from the varnished or polished cabinet with soft piece of plush, flannel, velvet or the special polishing napkins. Avoid use of wet rag as moisture promotes losses by varnish of initial gloss, facing material can also come unstuck.

2. Wipe the polished cabinet with the soft fabric which is previously moistened with milk and then woolen fabric or velvet. Reliable tool for cleaning of the polished cabinets is also weak tea. Filter it and, having separated tea leaves, wrap them in soft fabric. Rub with this tampon cabinet surface, and then wipe with soft rag.

3. That from the polished cabinet to remove spots, it is possible to use mix of vegetable oil with salt. Apply the turned-out mix directly on spot and sustain 2 – 3 hours, then erase mix and wipe with woolen rag. Also spots on the colored or varnished cabinet remove, wiping cabinet with fabric piece, the wetted in solution of ammonia solution and waters (1:6). The cleaned place is washed clear water and dry wiped rag.

4. Remember that the cabinets painted by oil paint and varnished cannot be washed with laundry detergent and soap as varnish can turn yellow and crack. It is possible to refresh cabinet with such covering, having wiped it with the fabric impregnated with kerosene and having polished with woolen fabric.

5. To remove from the varnished spot cabinet from water, heat a little vegetable oil and add to it small amount of the crushed wax. Heat oil, wax will not melt yet. When mix slightly cools down, smear with it spots on cabinet and rub linen rag before their disappearance. Or apply small amount of flour on spots, and then wipe them with the napkin impregnated with lubricating oil, spots will not descend yet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team