How to water strawberry

How to water strawberry

For strawberry too poor and too abundant watering is pernicious. Therefore the gardeners who have decided to grow up this plant have to know how to water strawberry it is correct for receiving good harvest.

General information

Strawberry loves moisture, but if water appears much, then mustache and roots of bushes rot. Because of it this berry demands special watering: moderate, but at the same time frequent. The way of watering differs at different stages. Before blossoming it is possible to water with way of overhead irrigation, after blossoming before the end of fructification it is necessary to use radical method.

It is the best of all to water strawberry early in the morning that leaves by the evening have managed to dry up if on them moisture has got. The norm of watering should be counted, proceeding from structure of the soil of the site, in most cases for each square meter there are enough from 10 to 20 liters of water. It is desirable that water was not cold, temperature +20oC will approach above. If not to meet this condition, bushes will get sick sooner or later.

In hot weather strawberry should be watered 2 times a week, at moderate temperature there will be enough 1 watering a week or 1 time in 10 days. The plant needs the strengthened watering in the first weeks after landing and during blossoming. In process of maturing of strawberry the number of waterings reduce that berries have not decayed.

Technology of watering of strawberry

If to tell about technology of watering, then today the choice at gardeners extensive. It is possible to use normal watering can with the water which is saved up in some tanks. It is possible to use hose and stationary water supply system for watering. There are also modern systems of watering with spray and drop operating modes.

To water strawberry with watering can, it is necessary to make some efforts therefore the way will be suitable only for small beds. The hose allows to cope with much bigger quantity of plants, but it is not always possible to use this method of watering for strawberry. For example, during blossoming it is necessary to water strawberry only at the roots. The strong stream can damage plants. The most effective are the spray and drop systems of watering, and this opinion of most of gardeners.

Drop systems

When using drop systems bring flexible tubes with the holes made near bushes to strawberry. Water thus comes directly to the earth near plants, is not damaged at all. One more plus in this system is the possibility of adjustment of water supply and additive in it soluble fertilizers.

Irrigation systems with sprayers

This type of watering works by the principle of hose with water, but there is opportunity to automate process. It is enough to adjust once the irrigation schedule and strawberry will receive moisture regularly in necessary quantity. Adjustment of pressure of water is possible therefore at the correct control of berry and plant in general will not be damaged.


Watering of strawberry is very important and labor-intensive process, but if it is correct to adjust everything and in details to approach question, then everything will be solved very easily. If have decided to be engaged in cultivation of plants, then do it most professionally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team