As it is correct to look after Victoria berry

As it is correct to look after Victoria berry

Garden Victoria strawberry – the most popular culture in the Russian garden thanks to the unpretentiousness, productivity, refined taste and aroma. Many gardeners devote to cultivation of fragrant berries the time.

Landing and leaving

With guarantee to receive big crops of garden strawberry, it is necessary to provide it good care. Also the right choice of the place is not less important for landing. Berry beds it is more preferable to have on the most lit site of garden, with bias on the South or the southwest. It is good if from the North they are protected from cold winter winds by high bushes or trees – in this case the danger of destruction by frost will be minimized.

It is recommended to land Victoria in two ranks or tape way. The distance between bushes has to be 70kh40sm. It is better to carry out landing in the early spring or in August when on bushes young mustache are formed. The good productivity of bed is kept within 4-5 years, then they need to be moved to other place, observing crop rotation. It is regularly important to form bushes, to delete the appearing mustache not to weaken plant.

It is necessary to keep beds clean, in due time to delete weeds and to loosen the soil and to provide abundant watering during mass filling in of berries. The mulch will help to keep moisture. Its role shaving, straw or black nonwoven ukryvny can carry out material. This reception is important also for protection against fungal infections and wreckers.

Pest control

In the spring, after growth of leaves, bushes of Victoria need to be processed antifungal medicines from gray decay, brown and white spottiness. The Bordeaux liquid, copper or iron vitriol, colloid sulfur is for this purpose used. Processing should be carried out twice during the season – after blooming of leaves and harvesting. Before use of these medicines it is necessary to study attentively instructions and not to forget about safety precautions. Many cares to gardeners are delivered also by wreckers of garden strawberry. The most malicious of them are the strawberry tick, malinno-strawberry weevil, web tick, strawberry nematode, wireworms and also slugs, wood lice, red ants which regale on fresh berries. The struck bushes lag behind in growth, berries become shallow, and in most cases buds dry up, without having been dismissed. For fight against them it is possible to use insecticides "Spark", Inta-vir or to apply medicine of biological effect Fitoverm which breaks life cycle of the wrecker then he perishes. This medicine is effective against web tick and strawberry weevil. For fight against nematode it is necessary to wash out roots of the struck plants in cold water, then to submerge in solution of table salt (5 tablespoons of salt on 5 l of water) for 15 minutes then again to wash out in clear flowing water and to land on other place. In August it is recommended to cut off old sheets on garden strawberry to get rid of wreckers. However it is necessary to do it in due time that bushes have managed to become covered by fresh foliage and have not frozen in the winter. For insurance from destruction by frost in the fall bushes need to be zamulchirovat dry peat or humus. For effective fight against wireworms it is necessary to weed in due time beds, to loosen the soil in row-spacings. It is very important to fight against wheat grass, sow-thistle, dandelion, to delete their rhizomes. For this purpose it is possible to use herbicides "Graund", "Raundap" - according to the instruction to medicine to avoid death of strawberry. Paying enough attention to care for garden Victoria, it is possible to regale the most part of season on fragrant vitamins directly from bed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team