How to fertilize strawberry

Strawberry – the first berry of summer season, is favourite delicacy of children and adults. This beautiful berry is also very useful. It contains a number of useful microelements and vitamins. As well as any plant, strawberry requires to themselves a lot of attention. For improvement of fertility, bushes of strawberry it is necessary to feed up. Than and how to fertilize?

1. In shops already ready complex fertilizers are on sale. The plant them is given in the spring, during blossoming and late fall.

2. It is also possible to water with liquid cow manure. The first watering is done during blossoming and when the first berries are tied. After maturing of the first berries, we do the last fertilizing. Between the first and last watering it is possible to feed up 1-2 more times. As a result the reaped crop turns out more, and berries grow the considerable size.

3. In the spring and at the beginning of summer of plant spray with phytohormones which give growth and increase productivity. It is possible to carry to such fertilizers: ""Ovary"", ""Bud"", ""Zircon"".

4. From April to June it is possible to water strawberry bushes with the normal manure divorced in water bucket.

5. In the spring under each bush of strawberry put such structure: on humus bucket handful of superphosphate and two handfuls of ashes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team