Interior: minimalism – style in the forefront

Interior: minimalism – style in the forefront

The minimalism arose in the 1950th years of the XX century as the direction of functionalism, but really popular became from 1980th years. Then in New York many industrial buildings remade under prestigious housing, it demanded new approach to design, use of space, forced to rethink values of the styles existing earlier.

The minimalism has developed in very important direction in interior design which represents laconicism, ease, functionality. The esthetics of the Japanese minimalism where there is reverent attitude to living space has had great influence on minimalism in Europe and America, and the restraint is considered manifestation of taste and morals. However, today the popular style of minimalism is used also in interior of big, spacious rooms.

Forms, textures

Surely straight lines, forms rectangular, square, availability of asymmetry, clear, linear composition. It is as much as possible open space, without partitions. Hi-tech materials and also natural wood, stone, plaster or panel boards with the geometrical and natural drawing, tile with imitation of tree and stone are used. 

The furniture in minimalism can be simple or irregular linear shapes, as a rule, wooden. Monophonic surfaces, without the drawing. In interior there are not enough decor objects, it is not enough furniture, it is vysokofunktsionalna. Smooth walls, white, can be covered with rough plaster, natural materials.


Obligatory and most important color for minimalism – white. It is combined with neutral colors, such as gray, black, beige, brown, color of metal. Bright colors are allowed by small impregnations in the form of decor or big picture on wall.


The minimalistic space is designed to use on maxim both space, and lighting that the room seemed spacious, full of air and kind of shining from within. The interior is created substantially at the expense of svetodesign, lighting multilevel, versatile.

Who suits minimalism

This style is loved by representatives of all generations, it became synonym of comfort, harmony of simplicity and advantage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team