Rules of landing of garlic towards the winter

Rules of landing of garlic towards the winter

Skilled summer residents over the years develop the whole experimental systems on landing of winter garlic and grow up excellent harvests. But nevertheless there are bases or rules which you should not neglect.

Planting stock

Grow up winter garlic from Zubkov, bulbochek, formed on shooters, and odnozubkovy lukovichek, received from bulbochek. Garlic for landing should be used local, grown up in the native region. Imported import grades can yield unpredictable results.

To process or not garlic before landing

If there are doubts regarding diseases, then landing garlic is processed in solutions of copper vitriol, potassium permanganate or modern medicines, such as ""Maxims"", ""Vitaros"". Anyway, for processing use one of them.

For landing choose the best bulbs by the size and quality, separate them into teeth shortly before landing. Internal teeth for landing do not use.

Landing terms

Winter garlic in midland is landed since the end of September to the middle of October. On rooting in the earth about 1.5 months are required on average. But disembarkation terms are directly influenced by weather patterns. Early landing will give germination of green feathers, late - destruction by frost or lag in growth in the spring, harvest shortage.

Where it is not necessary to land garlic

Unpretentious garlic, but does not love sour and crude soils and also the shaded places. The best crops can be reaped on the cultivated prime quality lands.

As well as any garden culture, garlic demands observance of crop rotation. It means that it cannot be grown up where garlic, onions, potatoes grew. It is useful to land garlic on beds where there were bean, pumpkin, tomato landings, also jumping after cabbage is admissible.

As well as on what depth land

It is accepted that garlic from Zubkov is landed rows though, it is possible also semicircle or other figure, it is not so important. It is important to maintain distance not less than 20 cm. Among leaving between them 5...8 cm. But if there is opportunity, then it is possible to put less often.

Bulbochki is landed more densely, than teeth or one-teeth. Between ranks leave not less than 15 cm, among - from 2 cm. Depth of landing is important point. Small planted garlic can freeze, deeply put - unevenly to ascend, get damp, vypret. Here it is necessary to approach individually, considering local conditions: structure of the soil, size Zubkov, weather and weather conditions. Depth of landing varies from 5...8 cm to 15 cm. It is considered that teeth land not less than on two heights (from collum to the top) plus 3...5 cm of mulch.

When landing it is impossible to press collum Zubkov into the soil. Mulch landings by humus, peat, old sawdust after approach of steady cold weather.

It is possible to carry out landing experiment with small amount of garlic, having landed teeth on any given depth and to put markers with inscription. During vegetation to trace shoots and development, and having dug out harvest, to draw conclusions. It will be the most exact result on landing to the necessary depth, considering local conditions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team