How to cut off shank

How to cut off shank

Cherenkovany it is possible to multiply quickly long-term flowers in house conditions and on personal plot. Correctly to cut off shank, learn about specific species of plant more. It is important to choose correctly time for cultivation of flowers and to create necessary conditions in order that your sapling has taken root and has quickly got stronger.

It is required to you

  • Rasteniye-matochnik
  • Sharp knife
  • Vessel with water
  • Sharp knife
  • Soil
  • Container or hotbed
  • Glass
  • Potato


1. You part cherenkovaniye healthy and rather young maternal plants which were well fertilized. It is the best of all to cut off shanks from them in the spring; some flowers are admissible to be made multiple copies in the middle of the summer floriferous escapes with growth kidneys. It is important that your saplings have managed to give roots before the first frosts.

2. Choose the one-year escape with 3-5 leaves formed on growth kidney or on root neck. It is possible to use as planting stock and top of plants (for example, the nipping of petunias which has remained later). However promptly growing tops usually badly take roots. If the cut-off escape from big bush can have about 30-40 cm in length, then for small window plants there is enough shank in 10 centimeters and even less.

3. It is necessary to cut off shank very sharp and clean knife under interstice – between stalk and escape. The cut has to be diagonal and very equal. From the received shank remove large leaves, having left small – they will produce necessary nutrients for future roots. On saplings of the small size leave only 1-2 top leaflets in kidney bosom.

4. Implant shanks in water or in soft damp soil, putting young escape very superficially – centimeter on 1.5. At deep landing it can decay. Previously take shanks of plants with lacteal juice in vessel with warm water until "milk" stops being allocated. Some gardeners implant shanks, having thrust them in crude potato with the cut eyes. Dig tuber in soil, and from above put glass jar. Do not forget to water sapling, and it quickly will give roots.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team