Sandbox the hands

Sandbox the hands

Any child derives enormous pleasure from game in sand. Be able to create parents convenient and reliable sandbox for the kids and their friends. The main thing to know important points which need to be considered.

With approach of heat the child aspires on the street. Walks are necessary for the growing organism therefore parents do not refuse to the kid. Whether it is worth saying that game in sandbox ‒ the most widespread entertainment of children from 1 year to 5 years. Agree, there is sense to be puzzled with creation of qualitative and durable sandbox which would be absolutely safe for children. The sandbox the hands is necessary and quite feasible idea.

Before picking up construction materials and to start assembly of design, it is necessary to create the drawing of future product and to designate all sizes.

In any hardware store it is possible to get timber which length on average 1.2 m. It is possible to call this size ideal. In order that there were as little as possible scraps, safely project sandbox in the form of square 1.2 x 1.2 m. Further decide on height. The children's sandbox theof hands has to contain large amount of sand that the kid could not get to the bottom of the earth. But also about height of walls you should not forget ‒ it has to be subject to legs of the one-year-old kid. Ideal it is possible to call 23 up to 25 cm. She can be taken by means of two boards. Wood has to have sufficient thickness, otherwise the design will not differ in durability. Many boards have thickness of 32 mm that is ideal for sandbox.

Constructing box, do not forget about some important points. For a start think over whether the cover is necessary. Everything depends on where the game place will be located. If you is going to establish sandbox on own seasonal dacha, then except fallen leaves and rain there is nothing to be afraid. If it is mounted in the yard of the house, then the cover is simply necessary as in sand stubs or glass from the broken beer bottles will begin to appear. Having asked question of how to create sandbox the hands, it is necessary to think: and with what it will be filled? It is possible to find bank or pit sand in hardware stores. Is more suitable for childish sports river, but it will need to be sifted carefully. Choose the place for man-made masterpiece in shadow near the house. The scorching sun will exhaust the kid therefore you orient design so that beams fell on game zone only in the evening.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team