Style the loft in interior

Style the loft in interior

The fortieth years of the last century, the USA – here time and the birthplace of the loft. Bohemian part of the population, youth began to master abandoned factories and the plants, and not for nothing. Huge rooms with abundance of light, unusual architecture located in the center the city moreover and for small payment, unless not the place where there is field for imagination?


1. Big rooms are traditional for the loft, but if you have apartment studio, then it will be ideal. At the correct approach the loft will perfectly fit also into the ordinary room. One more feature of the loft is the profitability, turn room minuses into pluses, pioneers of this style quite so arrived.

2. Whenever possible clean space from unnecessary, increase windows, leave them open to let in more light. There are unsightly pipes indoors? Perfectly, do not hide them, they are so characteristic of the loft, paint them at colors corresponding to idea or leave without change. There is peeled-off brick wall? It is ideal for us, the brick in general is sign element. If it is not in your interior, then can simulate it artificial brick, paint wall or pokleit wall-paper. The brick can be painted or natural. Concrete is also suitable for the loft, make one wall concrete, and paint the others.

3. Colors for the loft can be chosen any. Often dominating when coloring walls is white, you can aktsentno choose bright colors or in general graffiti. The main thing in the loft this creativity, here also you create with the walls that you want. For floor choose tree, concrete or stone. Floor should not dominate, it is background of the rest of interior.

4. One more friend of the loft threw. Revet kitchen apron with sheets of aluminum, rely from iron panels on wall, sheathe beams and pipes the oxidized metal.

5. Choose loft furniture modern or rare, but remade in a new way. There is old grandmother's dresser, paint it in bright color. Do not put furniture on walls as the space is most exempted from partitions, we divide it functionally only furniture. Play furniture with arrangement, make it the most mobile. Modern gadgets and the equipment will become ideal addition of the loft. The projector projecting movies directly on white huge wall, the excellent decision.

6. Loft accessories can be any. Hang up or put abstraktsionny modern pictures or just empty vintage frames. Choose sculptures on the taste, the main thing that all decor was united by the general idea.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team