Than to feed up seedling of tomatoes after the sword-play

Than to feed up seedling of tomatoes after the sword-play

Fertilizing of seedling after the sword-play allows saplings easier to transfer change, to gain strength for further development quicker, improves the resilience of plants to various diseases. Proceeding from it, it is possible to draw conclusion that it is necessary to introduce fertilizers after the sword-play, it is only necessary to deal with terms of making of the procedure.

As it was already told above, it is necessary to feed up tomatoes after the sword-play, however not to do much harm to plants, works should be carried out to certain terms. It is considered that the most favorable period of fertilizing of seedling are 10-15 day after change therefore the procedure should be made in one of these days. It is desirable to make the second fertilizing two weeks later after the first.

As for fertilizers, it is possible to get in shop already ready complex fertilizer especially for tomatoes, however is not forbidden to use also self-made solution. It is simple to prepare it, it is necessary to dissolve in 5 liters of water urea (5 g), superphosphate (40 g) and potassium sulfate (10 g). The second fertilizing has to be more concentrated in comparison with the first therefore for mixing of mortar it is necessary to take the same fertilizers, but in slightly large volumes, namely 10 grams of urea, 50 grams of superphosphate and 20 grams of sulfate of potassium.

Seedling of tomatoes on extra root fertilizing praises. However it is necessary to carry out this procedure accurately, to use solution only of weak concentration not to burn leaves of plants. One teaspoon of fertilizer (urea, calcic saltpeter or monophosphate of potassium) on five liters of water happens enough for obtaining the necessary structure. It is possible to carry out extra root fertilizing once a week, it is ideal - early in the morning. 

Than to feed up seedling of tomatoes after the sword-play without chemistry

Instead of mineral fertilizers it is quite possible to use also organic. They also well are reflected in condition of plants, help them to get stronger and raise their immunity to various diseases. It is simple to make independently fertilizer for tomatoes especially as the basis for creation of fertilizing will be in any house. So, fertilizer can be made from:

  • ashes;
  • yeast;
  • egg shell;
  • peel of bananas.

Cindery fertilizing.

For creation of fertilizer it is necessary to fill in tablespoon of raw materials with abrupt boiled water (2 liters), to insist before full cooling of water, to filter then to use directly.

Barmy fertilizing.

To receive not too concentrated solution, it is necessary to observe proportions strictly. For 2 liters of water it is necessary to take 1/4 teaspoons of dry yeast and tablespoon of sugar. After hashing of ingredients and endurance of solution of couple of hours in heat it can be used for watering of seedling.

Fertilizing on the basis of egg shell.

For preparation of infusion it is necessary to fill half one-liter jar with shell then to pour water. Having stood in heat three, day the concentrated structure which it is possible to use only after cultivation it in half with water will turn out.

Fertilizing on the basis of peel of bananas.

The peel of bananas is very rich with various minerals, and especially calcium. From it very quite good fertilizer turns out. It is preparing also, as well as fertilizing on the basis of egg shell, that is is filled with dry peel bank and filled in with water, solution is ready three days later. The only difference - it is necessary to use it in pure form, that is dilution by water is not required.

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