The Egyptian style in interior: main lines, color, furniture and decor

The Egyptian style in interior: main lines, color, furniture and decor

History, culture, life of Egypt attracts people and does not leave indifferent. The part of these great people can be recreated also in the interior if to adhere to some features of culture.

Main lines

Availability of sculptures, columns, niches and arches is characteristic of this style. Therefore the room for registration in this style should be chosen as spacious and with high ceilings. Besides, at interior there have to be warm shades and abundance of gold elements. Feature of style is also painting of walls, painting, frescos or hieroglyphs.

Color gamma

Preference should be given to warm shades. Various shades green and blue can be complementary colors brown, orange beige. You should not forget that integral part is color of gold which is present at all elements of dressing, wall, furniture, textiles and so forth.


Furniture in this style is used heavy and massive. Availability of large bed with canopy is characteristic of the bedroom. In the living room there can be bright sofa with curved legs. Color of furniture has to be brown or black, so that there was contrast between the main finishing. Also wicker, carved and rack furniture will be appropriate. Availability of various chests and dressers which legs are made in the form of paws of animals. 


The decor is important component of this interior as by means of it the necessary atmosphere is created. It is possible to decorate interior figurines, figures of cats and sphinxes, hookah, pyramids, pictures painted on papyrus. It is possible to decorate windows curtains from natural linen, wool or cotton. Covers, plaids with the drawings of Egypt applied on them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team