Types of outer doors

Types of outer doors

Today on sale there is good selection of different types of outer doors. How not to get lost in such variety and to make right choice? The universal answer does not exist here. In each case the choice is defined by requirements, preferences and the consumer's opportunities. Nevertheless, to get qualitative product, it is necessary to possess at least the minimum knowledge about features and characteristics of outer doors.

Classification of outer doors

Outer doors can be classified by the following indicators and signs:

- the material used at production of doors; - assignment of door;

- way of opening.

Types of outer doors depending on material

Depending on the materials used in production, outer doors can be separated into several groups:

- steel shutters; - wooden; - aluminum; - plastic; - glass.

Now steel shutters are the most widespread. The parent material of panel can be entirely hidden by finishing materials therefore the design can have appearance plastic or wooden. It allows to enter product practically in any interior. Most often finishing of outer steel shutter is made by plastic panels or processing by powder paints. The powder covering has durability and practicality, it is resistant to mechanical influences and abrasion. Also it meets the main safety requirements which are shown to outer doors. The percent of its damage and abrasion in use makes 2% in 10 years. Such result is provided by special extrusion technology of drawing powder covering. Finishing of door plastic panels has advantages too. The main thing from them - opportunity to replace decorative coat in use of product.

Finishing of door other materials is also possible: kozhvinit, lining, laminate, MDF (microwood fiber), etc.

Timber outer doors are applied very seldom today. Basic reason of low popularity of this look — insufficient safety. Installation of timber doors is reasonable only when they are provided with additional security measures. Outer doors from the massif of oak are quite often used by owners of country cottages, elite houses, various institutions where the high level of protection is provided. Certainly, installation of this type of door at the price is considerably more expensive mounting of steel structure. In case the sliding outer door is established, use of aluminum design is preferable. Most often aluminum doors are used in store buildings, garage rooms and also entrances on protected areas. In the private sector such type of outer doors is applied seldom, as well as plastic doors. Usually plastic is used for interior finish of door. As outer doors the plastic designs can be used on the closed protected areas. Outer glass doors from glass are applied in owner-occupied dwellings of wealthy customers, modern business centers and also offices of the prestigious companies. Glasses which are used for these purposes can be various: opaque, transparent, with relief pattern, etc.

Assignment of outer doors

According to the destination outer doors are separated on: - armored doors; - vzlomostoyky; - explosion-proof; - bulletproof; - fire-prevention; - noise-absorbing; - hermetic outer doors. Bulletproof doors are intended for protection of people and for creation of reliable barrier in attempt of the armed penetration into the room. This type of products is applied to installation in rooms of office and also inhabited type. Generally bulletproof doors establish in safe rooms, offices of banks, points exchanges of currency, security posts and at check-points. Armored outer doors are used for restriction of unauthorized access to inhabited, public, industrial and auxiliary types of rooms and buildings. The fire-prevention type of outer doors interferes with spread of fire. This look is applied to installation in rooms with rather large number of electric devices, in laboratories, objects of chemical industry and in warehouse. The noise-absorbing type of outer doors meets rather seldom. It is applied in laboratories, elite inhabited constructions, recording studios. Hermetic outer doors it is used for catering departments, laboratories, pharmaceutical rooms, operational rooms. Sealing and valves of such products have to provide fire - and gas-firmness, also they have to maintain design loadings.

Types of outer doors on way of opening

On way of opening the outer doors are separated on: - left; - right; - oar; - external; - internal; - sliding.

Sliding mechanisms of opening of outer doors are used seldom because of complexity of design and installation.

Outer doors can open in the room or outside, on the street. Depending on your preferences and requirements you can choose any of these options of opening of doors. However it is necessary to consider that when opening outer door outside there is much less heat leakage. Degree of reliability and safety from breaking is also lower at external opening of door. Other sign by which the type of outer door is determined is the storonnost of its opening. There are doors which open from left to right, there are also such products which open on the contrary. The indicator of the party of opening is important very much at insufficient quantity of useful space (stair landings of multifamily houses, narrow corridors, entrances to underground rooms).

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