4 elementary mistakes in room decor

4 elementary mistakes in room decor

There are situations when you choose furniture, chandelier, picture for the room. And everything, it seems, is pleasant, but as soon as the thing appears in the room, understand that the big mistake is made.

What mistakes such are made most often and how to avoid them?

1. Too dark interior

When there is a wish to create classical interior, most of us automatically addresses brown, dark blue, to burgundy colors. But too large amount of dark colors in standard small rooms will make them not solid, but just similar to dark holes.

Helpful advice: at selection of colors for finishing materials any program of visualization will help.

2. Too boring registration of the room

If you try to issue the room in minimalist spirit, select identical invoices and reserved colors for wall-paper, furniture, textiles, there is risk it is very boring to receive the issued room. The room will look just fresh if not to use bright accents, interesting and unexpected invoices.

Helpful advice: even if you try to spend as little as possible money for updating of interior, take an interest in fashion trends in this area, interesting finds of designers. Their realization not always requires a lot of money.

3. Lack of capacious systems of storage

Yes, at most of us of the room very small, but it is not occasion to save the place on the systems of storage.

Helpful advice: order boxes for storage of things under bed, choose sofas with the big place for storage inside, etc.

By the way, error of the same sort - too large number of furniture. It happens when it is more and more things, and the systems of storage for them are initially not thought over, as leads to dokupaniye dresser, cabinet, still some bedside table or the next shelf.

4. Too big chandelier

The volume, intricately issued chandelier with large number of bulbs is appropriate, perhaps, only in the spacious living room. And when it wants to spend cozy family evening, it will not approach.

Perhaps, and in question of selection of lamps the principle ""better less and better"" approaches. Most often the laconic chandelier and several additional lamps of smaller power will be the best choice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team