When to divide the expanded lilies

When to divide the expanded lilies

There is opinion that it is possible to divide the expanded copies of lilies only in the fall. Here two inaccuracies are: first, optimum time for division of the slot of lilies - August; secondly, spring - too quite suitable time for these purposes.

If the flower grower notices that earlier perfectly blossoming lilies begin to become shallow, then it is first sign that plants need to be seated. Usually in 3-6 years after landing (term depends on kind of lilies) the bulbs acquire children, exhaust the soil around themselves and, as a result, give more and more small flowers or at all cease to stuff up flower kidneys.

August is considered the most optimum term (as a last resort, the beginning of September) when the bulb increases in the amount of, scales become fleshy and it is quite ready for change. Besides, until approach of autumn cold weather there is a lot of time that the plant has well taken roots and adapted on the new place.

If there is need, then lilies can be replaced also at the time of blossoming without any damage to them. However it must be kept in mind that such way has to be chosen only in exceptional cases. 

In the same way you should not abuse spring changes and division of the slot. Bulbs early start in growth, and at outplanting it is easily possible to break fragile escapes with flower kidneys. In this case blossomings of the damaged lilies not to wait in the summer. If nevertheless it is necessary to separate plant, then it is desirable to dig out the slot as soon as possible, in April.

Pitchfork accurately take out the expanded bulbs with children. At the same time it is necessary to consider the fact that they samozaglublyatsya and are at depth of 30-40 cm. Large copies postpone for disembarkation to bed, and small - for podrashchivaniye in ""shkolka"" (seedling bed). It is important to disinfect lilies. For this purpose use solutions of medicines of Maxims (Topaz, Vitaros) or dark pink solution of potassium permanganate.

On the new place it is important to prepare landing hole well. On bed where lilies will be planted, bring organic chemistry (mature compost or very well rerotting humus in number of 10 kg on sq.m.), complex fertilizers (150 g on sq.m.), ashes (200 g on sq.m. are the best of all). If clayey ground, bring sand (10 kg on sq.m.) and lime (dolomite powder). All ingredients mix.

When landing of the separated bulbs dig out hole of 3-4 heights in depth of bulb. Normally it is 20-25 cm. On bottom fill sand hillock, on this pillow put bulb, accurately straightening roots, fill up it with sand, and from above - the prepared fertile layer. Sand will protect collum and scales from rotting. After landing bed it is abundant water.

It is especially necessary to allocate lily snow-white (Kandidum). It is planted on depth no more than 3-4 cm from surface as this plant does not form stem nadlukovichny roots. In the fall the socket of leaves grows and it is covered surely with layer of the fallen-down foliage. 

Small lukovichka - children small land on the special place where they are bred by 2-3 years till the moment until they are able to form flower arrow. Places of landing of lilies water in droughty time, and at autumn landing mulch for the winter peat. 

Often in the fall bulbs of lilies with quite long escapes are available for sale. Whether it is possible to put them in September-October? It is the best of all to refuse purchase of such untimely planting stock since the percent of death of plants or tightening with blossoming for 1-2 years is big. However in case of need acquisitions of such grade which is offered in the fall, perhaps, it is possible to decide on purchase. For this purpose escape is accurately unscrewed from bulb (as lamp from the boss) and landed in soil, as usual, previously having pickled. 

It is possible to keep planting stock till spring in vegetable department of the fridge, having wrapped it in moss sphagnum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team