Why at petunia sticky leaves

Why at petunia sticky leaves

It is very difficult to grow up strong and healthy seedling of petunia, however if it is possible to make it, then it is possible not to doubt that the plant will please further with long and abundant blossoming. The fact is that this flower requires special care only the first weeks, and four-six weeks later after landing the petunia becomes absolutely unpretentious.

The stickiness of leaves is the first that is noted by many beginning flower growers at cultivation of petunia. If you have noticed similar on the flowers, then is unnecessary to panic, for the majority of grades of petunia it is considered norm. It should be noted that there are such species of petunia, which leaves so sticky that they attract to themselves dust and small garbage because of what look very modestly. Similar flowers need weekly ""shower"". If your flowers not from ""sticky grades"", however leaves at a given time became sticky, then you need to establish urgently the events reasons, otherwise plants will begin to be ill and dump buds that will lead to their death.

At petunia sticky leaves: what should I do?

Most often sticky substance on leaves of plants appears as a result of their infection with any wreckers. Plant louse - the most often met insect on petunia. Look narrowly at flowers if you see small black, green or gray small insects, then in your case the treatment of plants will consist of processing of saplings special industrial medicines from plant louse or self-made infusions on the basis of tobacco dust, ashes and other. From industrial have well proved Aktara, ""Kemifos"", Konfidor and Detsis, and from national - infusions of tomato and potato leaves, garlic, ashes to which composition it is added a little liquid or laundry soap.

As the stickiness of leaves at this plant appears generally because of defeat of plant louses, it is very important to use preventive measures from these wreckers. All know that parasites lodge on weak plants therefore it is necessary to provide to flowers enough light and in due time to water them and to feed up. Except that fertilizing will help flowers to increase immunity, so they also will favorably affect the sizes and quantity of buds. When watering petunia you remember that the excessive soil moisture is much worse, than insufficient watering as when overwetting soil there is risk of infection of flowers with fungal diseases.

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