How to cook millet cereal on milk

How to cook millet cereal on milk

Millet grain is one of the most useful grain. Porridge from millet can be cooked in various ways, for every taste. And for men - ""dense"" porridge with meat or fat, and for women - on water and on milk, sweet and with fruit, pumpkin. There is a lot of recipes of millet cereal, the main thing is to learn to cook grain correctly.

It is required to you

  • Millet grain
    • Water or milk
    • Desi
    • Honey
    • raisin
    • sugar
    • Clay pot
    • Oven


1. Millet grain can cook both on water, and on milk. It is also possible to cook also on the liquid consisting of milk and water in equal quantities. The ratio of grain and liquid depends on what porridge you want to cook: dense, friable or viscous. If you need friable porridge, then on a glass of grain it is necessary to take one and a half glasses of water. For viscous porridge of liquid take more - 2.5 glasses. Liquid porridge ("gruel") on a glass of grain requires 3 - 3.5 glasses of liquid.

2. Then millet grain needs to be washed out. It isn't necessary to touch before washing grain, they too small, and the garbage is remarkably washed away under flowing water. Only it isn't necessary to do too strong pressure of water that grain wasn't washed away together with garbage.

3. The following step millet can be wetted if preparation time isn't critical. Best of all for an hour or two. If there is no time for soaking, then before laying of grain on cooking scald it abrupt boiled water - it will steam out grain and will improve gustatory qualities.

4. Then it is necessary to boil thoroughly a little grain to semi-readiness in slightly added some salt water. In the same time it is necessary to warm an oven.

5. After that the clay pot needs to be greased with a small amount of oil, to put in it the boiled grain, honey, raisin or sugar. Then hot milk or water is added to a pot, and the pot with future porridge is put in an oven on slow fire within an hour.

6. In an hour the peas get from an oven. If desired it is possible to add to plates still a desi. Oil you won't spoil porridge!

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