How to make fast Indian flat cakes with spices

How to make fast Indian flat cakes with spices

The recipe undoubtedly is useful to those who love various lavashes and home-made flat cakes. In such flat cakes it is possible to inwrap any stuffing - a fresh or stewed vegetables, lentil or chickpeas cutlets with sauce and so on.

It is required to you:

- flour - 300 g

- water - 190 ml  

- salt - 1 tsp.  

- a coriander - 1 tsp.  

- a turmeric - 1/2 tsps.  

- caraway seeds - 1 tsp.  

- vegetable oil for frying  

For flat cakes use mix of whole-wheat flour from usual, a first grade flour or mix of a top-grade flour with bran. It is much more useful, than just cleaned and bleached flour of the premium.

Measure a glass 300 grams of flour. It almost full two glasses of 250 ml. Sift flour in deep ware. Then add on one teaspoon of salt, a ground coriander and caraway seeds. And 1/2 teaspoons of a turmeric. Mix. Add 190 ml of water of room temperature to a dry-mix and knead dough. Inwrap dough in a film to have a rest and leave in the fridge on half of hour.

After this time, roll long sausage from the test. Cut it on any equal pieces. Powder a board or a table with flour, roll on it each piece in flat cake. Warm oil in a frying pan, fry flat cakes in oil, from each party on 1 minute.

Serve flat cakes with favourite soup or fresh salad. Also they are perfectly combined with stewed vegetables. It is possible to do вс by them sandwiches or just to dip in different tasty sauces. 

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