How to make the menu for a week

How to make the menu for a week

You like to cook and to indulge house tasty and useful dishes. But sometimes you don't know what to make for lunch or a dinner, or you forget to buy necessary products in advance. Drawing up the menu for a week will help you to save time and money and will help to use products rationally.

It is required to you

  • handle;
    • notebook;
    • book of culinary recipes.


1. Take the sheet of paper and write down all dishes which you would like to prepare next week. Break them on groups: garnishes, soups, hot dishes, pastries, salads, etc.

2. Sort dishes on categories which will include dishes which can be prepared in advance, and then to warm (dumplings, stuffed cabbage, cutlets, soups); the dishes which are taking away a lot of time for cooking (they can be postponed for the weekend); dishes which are cooked quickly and immediately move on a table (omelet, casserole, souffle).

3. Consider the made menu in terms of the balanced food. Whether fresh fruit and vegetables, bean, fish and meat enter your week diet. Whether enough dairy products.

4. Distribute dishes on days of the week. It isn't obligatory to cook different foods every day. For example, the soup cooked on Monday, can remain also on Tuesday. Or the cutlets fried on Wednesday with pasta, it is possible to serve with mashed potatoes next day. So your time and forces will be significantly saved.

5. If any day or two in a week at you is loaded by another matters, and time for cooking won't be, think over for these days in advance prepared dishes which it is possible to warm quickly and a tax on a table.

6. Write out all products which will be necessary for you within a week for cooking on a single sheet. Break them into two groups. Those products which can be bought in advance let will enter into the first group and to store long (grain, potatoes, carrots, onions, tomato paste, pasta, sunflower and butter, meat, flour). Sign up perishable products which should be bought in addition among a week (bread, milk, cottage cheese) in the second group. With the first list you can go to shop on the weekend and buy all necessary for a week.

7. Check the audit remains in the fridge and cases before going to shop. If something from the list is available for you in enough at home, then strike it off the list. Add the list with products which will be useful to you to tea if suddenly glance on a visit.

8. After the list is edited, it is possible to start purchase of necessary products.

9. Over time you learn to make quickly enough the menu in which the favourite, useful and meeting the family budget dishes will be combined.

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